Healthcare Student Platform by ProSARIS

ProSARIS Student platform is specifically designed to help students in clinical training gain competitive advantage in job placement or income opportunities by presenting themselves in the best possible light and stand above their peer graduates.


ProSARIS Student helps build your resume by enabling you to enter detailed clinical training experience, upload credentialing documents, reference letters, diplomas and certificates.

You can generate detailed and customized clinical training productivity reports, keep all information even after you complete your program and continue to add your clinical work experience on top of it - all on one platform that can follow you whenever and wherever your career path takes you.

All that is compiled into your ProSARIS profile you can seamlessly share with prospective employers or income opportunities simply by sending them the link, saving valuable time and sparing yourself and everyone else a lot of unnecessary hassle.


Below are just few highlight key features of ProSARIS Student Platform:


  • Advanced website security
  • Robust data back-up system
  • Individual User account URL
  • Mobile-friendly version
  • User Referral system
  • Export Data

Activity Management by

  • Location
  • Supervision
  • Clinical Specialty
  • Activity or Task type
  • Duration or time tracking
  • Patient Diagnosis (ICD)
  • Patient Procedure (CPT)
  • User Defined Custom Activity
Document Management by

  • Upload
  • Archive
  • Organize by type
  • Share via personal link
  • User-defined Customization

Report Management by

  • Activity case log
  • General Productivity
  • Detailed task activity tracking
  • Calendar – custom date range
  • Customized reports with filter capability


  • ProSARIS Verified Certificate Option


  • User defined notifications (text, e-mail)
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance
  • Progress mapping
  • Time Expirations


  • User-defined customization ability for most functions
  • Color-code activity option for easy viewing

  • E-mail Support
  • Phone Support
  • Ticket tracking mechanism for custom requests