On-demand gig workforce optimization and career management solution for healthcare providers

ProSARIS is innovative human capital management and workforce optimization platform developed to meet global demand for licensed and credentialed healthcare service providers.

Provider Scheduling And Revenue Integration System

ProSARIS platform facilitates and streamlines recruiting, credentialing, coordination, matching and logistics between licensed clinicians and healthcare organizations in need of specific, flexible or on-demand clinical workforce professionals.


Our goal is to develop effective customized solutions and long-term positive relationships with every registered ProSARIS Account User by providing seamless ongoing value, reliable customer service and support.

Products and Solutions

Healthcare Students

ProSARIS Student platform is specifically designed to help students in clinical training gain competitive advantage in job placement or income opportunities by presenting themselves in the best possible light and stand above their peer graduates.

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Academic Institutions

ProSARIS EDU allows academic institutions to easily schedule students and manage clinical training sites, track students’ clinical training requirement, obtain verifiable performance references from supervisors and comply with relevant program accreditation standards.

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Licensed Clinicians

ProSARIS Pro platform enables individual licensed Clinicians to organize, schedule and manage your clinical practice; record and analyze clinical productivity data; organize, maintain and seamlessly share your credentialing documents; accumulate verifiable referrals and references from your customers to better promote and grow your clinical practice.

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Healthcare Organizations

ProSARIS Enterprise platform enables healthcare organizations to save money by streamlining workforce recruitment, bypassing high recruitment fees and reduce time-consuming, labor-intensive credentialing cost. Maximize efficiency, scheduling and logistics of your workforce; customize your revenue and expense rules algorithms for intelligent decision-making to increate profit margins and net income to your bottom line.

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